Elizabeth Whittlesey

I wasn’t complaining. I was living
in a land where two double cheeseburgers cost less
than a single. Nice people were passing through the park

on their way home from a long day’s work,
and everyone honestly thought if something happened
in the snow, nobody saw it. Then the snow melted.

So I took to stealing. I threw myself at the gorgeous body
of a nightclub dancer in a leopard-skin outfit. It was the perfect kind
of love because I only wanted to be her from afar.

So I took to walking. I was baffled, however,
by everyone’s continued unwavering faith in the weatherman,
and their subsequent disappointments.

I never did find that one thing to live for, though,
other than life. I pretended, invested in some
symbols, but they never held up:

It got so windy.

I didn’t have a dog.

Surely one day we will all atone
for all the people we never called back.

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